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For your convenience, we offer three different sizes of outside units to serve your many different needs. We also offer wheels for your portability and cleaning needs. These units are locked in order to help deter thieves and can also be customized to fit your every need. We will also provide double-wall containers upon your request.

Ace Grease cares not just about your business but also about the environment. That’s why we offer our advanced oil collection systems in addition to our regular outside units. The cleaner oil that will be obtained through this system will give you a higher yield and is cleaner, safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and hassle-free.


You want to make sure that your kitchen is running as smoothly as possible while being compliant with government regulations. What better way to serve others and run your business efficiently than with an Inside Grease Collection Systems? Our systems are safe, efficient, technology-based, and hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about accidents with hot oil, and there’s no mess since the unit features a quick connection to your fryer. No need to worry about workman’s compensation claims with these modern units. These systems can be set up as inside units or outside units.

You will reap the benefits of higher yields for the oil because it’s already filtered upon disposal. Our equipment allows you to filter and reuse your oil or to dispose of it whenever needed. Additionally, you can take pride in having a clean, beautiful kitchen by having a sleek Inside Grease Collection System instead of a grease container lingering outside of your restaurant. These systems will declutter your trash corrals and eliminate strong odors associated with outside units. Cleanup is as easy as ever with our state-of-the-art systems as well, saving you money on time and labor.

With benefits like these, why wouldn’t you want to have one of our Inside Grease Collection System in your facility? We currently offer three types of units – Economy Tank, Conventional Tank, and SMART tank. Call us today to find out more information or to get yours!



Our most cost-effective option is our economy tank. This tank allows for the numerous benefits that our other models offer, but at an economical price. Safety, cleanliness, and hassle-free are all advantages that this tank brings to your kitchen.

Reduce workman’s comp claims with this great alternative to dumping oil in an outside unit. You will no longer need to worry about harmful hazards like burns & falls with the Economy Tank. We also provide the add-on option of a transport caddy to aid you in emptying your fryers in a safe, sanitary manner. There is also the feature of direct pumping from your fryers which allows you to not handle the hot oil anymore.




Our Conventional Tank is another option for your used cooking oil storage needs. This unit comes with a float to signal when your unit is full. A notification light will alert you when your unit needs to be serviced. This allows you to maintain a spotless kitchen while avoiding spills, safety risks, and transporting the hot oil to an outside container. Our conventional tank also gives your business a clean, clutter-free look while eliminating odor and keeping your trash corrals clean and tidy.


ace smart tanksTHE SMART TANK

The SmartTank is the ideal combination of safety, cleanliness, and technology to optimize the efficiency of your used cooking oil collection. Our top of the line model ensures the safeguard of your employees, diminishes risks, advances sanitation, saves money by cutting costs, and uses technology to measure data. With this unit, you will be able to see real time data: your latest collection history, oil inputs, & current usage status. The wireless communication allows reports and notifications to be at your fingertips.

shortening shuttleShortening Shuttle

A safe and easy way to transport hot oil out to your container. Place it under the drain on the fryer, empty it and wheel it out to the container. This lessens the chance of spills and burns.