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Hood Cleaning

A dirty vent hood is a huge fire hazard in your restaurant’s kitchen. We here at Ace Grease understand that the safety of your staff and guests is your top priority. Ace Grease has the experience and efficient technology to keep your restaurant’s vent hood clean and your kitchen protected.

A clean and clear vent hood can drastically decrease the risk of a fire occurring in your commercial kitchen. A vent hood filter that is clogged with grease does not allow the hood to “breath” properly and can cause premature failure of the hood’s fan, smoke throughout your restaurant and poor indoor air quality for your guests.

Ace Grease technicians will not only clean your kitchen’s vent hood, but will perform regular maintenance to ensure that it is consistently clean and up to code. In addition to reducing the risk of fires, a regularly cleaned hood system is also more efficient at removing airborne grease, heat and odors from your facility’s kitchen.

Certain industries in the Midwest area that should contact Ace Grease for scheduled vent hood cleanings and maintenance include, but are not limited to:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • School Cafeterias
  • Event and convention centers
  • College and university food service areas
  • Military base kitchen facilities
  • Theaters
  • Correction facilities

Our hood cleaning service will keep your kitchen operating both efficiently and safely. Ace Grease can clean your vent hood on the spot, and we also can set up a preventative maintenance plan to clean it regularly.